We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

What we want changes throughout our lives. Sometimes we can be on autopilot and not even take the time to think about what it is we want most. Sometimes we need someone to take that ride with us, sometimes in the passenger seat and sometimes taking the wheel. What help do you need?

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Viktor Frankl


One-on-one Coaching

Leadership coaching is for anyone who is taking on a new leadership challenge and realizes that what got them the success they have today might not be what's needed to achieve success in their new role. Packages include: Exploring - Enneagram assessment and 1-hour of coaching; Deepening - Exploring plus 12-hours of coaching; and, Transforming - Deepening plus interviews with others and check-ins with your manager.


Advising is for those who prefer a more guided exploratory experience. I share techniques from different leadership schools of thought and brainstorm with you to solve your current challenges. I can bring one or more of my areas of expertise to an advising engagement. Available as a project (traditional consulting model) or on a retainer basis (thought partner).


I offer 2 types of facilitation.

Project-based -  facilitation of a workshop with your team to foster collaboration, trust and effective communication; includes Exploring package for each participant.

Retainer-based - facilitating your strategic planning, goal setting, prioritization, and/or decision making; this comes with "advising" included.

Group Coaching Workshop Series

A journey of self-exploration with the Enneagram, 1:1 coaching and interactive group workshops, resulting in clarity on your personal leadership style, your leadership roadmap, and a toolkit of techniques for building and leading your team. Enrolling pilot cohort NOW!


What Clients Are Saying

“Lisa's expertise through the Enneagram process was both helpful and insightful. She did an amazing job at facilitating and helping my team and I understand the assessment by providing valuable information and detail on our different personality types and helped us interpret these patterns. ... As a result ..., my team are now aware of their traits, can better interact and understand each other and are more effective as a team."

Carmen H

“Lisa holds space exceptionally; her grounded and firm embrace communicates "I've got you." This warm hug of a holding always helped me feel safe, which doesn't always come quickly or easily for me. This, combined with her ability to ask ideally timed, pointed, and poignant questions, quickly led me to some profound insights needed for my growth. She has a natural gift as a coach."

Lauren H

"Lisa offers a grounded & steady presence that is easy to trust. Her coaching has supported me in finding true acceptance of, & ultimately freedom from, experiences that had been very challenging for me to move through. It also felt relieving to know that, having extensive experience in the corporate world, she would understand anything that came up around my own professional experiences. I am so grateful that Lisa is offering this work & would recommend her to anyone looking for support."

Laura B

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