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Providing Enneagram-informed coaching and team facilitation. Topics include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, presence, clarity of purpose, psychological safety, & effective and efficient achievement of results

My Areas of Expertise

General (01 - 04) and Specific (05 - 08)



The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that gets at motivations, fears, and perspectives that shape behaviors. I help individuals identify with a core type in order to break free from default patterns that are preventing them from being as effective as they'd like to be. 



I've studied a multitude of leadership theories over my 30+ years in corporate leadership roles in the US and Europe. I have my favorites but when we work together, we identify what good leadership means for you and build a roadmap for your leadership journey.



I believe it's always better to work with others than to work alone. Whether it's coaching, advising, or facilitating, I am with you every step of the way. I will ask questions that may challenge your thinking and offer ideas you may not have thought about, but it's always your choice on how to proceed.


Action Orientation

I am that voice in the room that asks "what's the action item and who's going to take it?" I ensure that, once decisions are made, the next steps are clear and an accountability system exists to ensure they get done. 


Business Operations

I have led Business Operations capabilities for over 10 years. Personally and through my team, I have provided program and project management, strategic planning and goal setting, business-IT liaison, budgeting, and administrative services.


Operational Excellence

I was introduced to Lean in the 1990s and have been using tools from the lean six sigma toolkit ever since to identify and deliver process improvements and cost savings. I have a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.


Organizational Analysis & Design

I have seen many different organizational designs, participated in a number of reorganizations, and helped new organizations form. I can bring a neutral perspective to ensure all factors are considered in making choices on org design. 


Supply Chain Operations

I spent the first 20 years of my career in roles across all areas of the supply chain (planning, scheduling, procurement, materials management, distribution) and have a Masters in International Logistics.

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One-on-one Coaching



Group Coaching Workshop Series

About Me

I’m Lisa Mazzoni.
I Help Leaders Develop Themselves and Their Teams.

I am available to coach you to build your self-awareness, advise you on specific challenges, and/or facilitate your strategic planning, goal setting, prioritization, and decision-making.

woman in office listening to coaching client

My approach is collaborative, empathetic, and action oriented. We'll define the results you want to achieve and work toward them together with frequent check-ins to ensure we're making the progress you want to make.

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What Clients Are Saying

Lisa’s international experience, strategic agility and business acumen ... enable her to be an exceptional thought partner and creative enterprise leader. ... she continually proves herself to be a highly valued and trusted partner."

Charles Calderaro III
Chief Technology Officer @ Shoreline Bio

"Lisa was ... very effective in working with the other team members in day-to-day operations as well as leading efforts to improve the way we all worked together utilizing her Organizational Development tools.  She was not afraid of asking tough questions to me and other team members, an asset I found extremely helpful in my role."

Mary Cromwell
Chief Technical Officer @ Allakos

"Lisa is one of the most thoughtful leaders that I’ve worked with ... She has a unique and powerful blend of strategic insight, operational expertise and emotional intelligence. She’s gifted at building high-functioning teams with diverse viewpoints and unlocking productivity by motivating people to bring their best, authentic selves into the workplace."

Derrick Richardson
Senior VP, People & Culture @ Alumis Inc

"Lisa embodies the combination of strategic thinking ... plus the sensitivity and insight into people ... operating across many cultures. Lisa's use of the Enneagram increased our team's learnings and positive interaction. We learned to better understand our own motivations in our work and found insights into how [we] could work together best."

Michael Siani-Rose

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